Freeflex Innovation in Tyrolia Bindings

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What is the 'freeflex' in Tyrolia bindings?

Freeflex Innovation in Tyrolia Bindings

If you ski than you have faced the frustration of bindings that give when you don't want them to. Sometimes, the slightest change in terrain can make a perfectly comfortable ride a disaster when your bindings release at the wrong moment. If this problem plagues your ski trips, you should check out the freeflex technology that is available in Tyrolia Bindings.

Tyrolia bindings introduced the freeflex technology for just these types of problems. The name tells you what you need to know. These Tyrolia bindings will flex with the ski better than any model binding in the past. For freestylers or cross country riders, this flexibility can prove invaluable to staying on your feet. Tyrolia bindings are the feature of Head skis. Next time you are looking at new bindings or all new skis, look into the freeflex options from Tyrolia. You can find them at almost any retailer or from many venues on the Internet that deal in skiing gear.



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