Replacing a Broken Ski Pole

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Can a broken ski pole be fixed or should I replace it?

Replacing a Broken Ski Pole

Unfortunately, the ski pole is one of the most vulnerable pieces of equipment in skiing. Ski poles are notorious for breaking when you least want them to. Whether the ski pole snaps or just a piece breaks loose, many people choose not to repair a broken ski pole, but rather just replace it. Repairing a broken ski pole can be far more trouble than it is worth. Depending on the needed repair, you will be better of buying a new set most times.

Beyond the trouble and expense of repairing a broken ski pole, it is typically not worth risking the same pole breaking a second time. Usually, if a repair is not done correctly, the pole can break again very easily and cause you more trouble and possible injury. If you are debating between repairing your ski pole and replacing it, give the matter enough thought before making your choice. For the cost and trouble of many repairs, you could already be back on the slopes with a brand new pole.



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