Learning to Ski sans Ski Poles

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Should I learn to ski without ski poles?

Learning to Ski sans Ski Poles

There are probably hundreds of methods that people feel are the best ways to learn how to ski. The variations are astounding. One, in particular, is to learn skiing without ski poles. The people who support this method are unmovable in their beliefs, and trying it can show you why.

The theory behind learning to ski without ski poles is simple; you can't ski until you can glide. If you can master balance on skis without ski poles, bringing the poles in later will be a non-issue. For beginners, getting the tempo in sync between ski poles and skis can be very difficult. Not using ski poles when you start is a good way to eliminate half of the problem.

Once you are able to get your footing without the poles, you will have no problem adding them to the skiing process. If you are trying to teach a young skier the ropes but are having trouble with getting everything working together at once, try this method. Leaving the ski poles at home may give you the solution by making the process far easier.



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