Using Ski Poles Effectively when Going through Moguls

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How should I plant my ski poles when going through moguls?

Using Ski Poles Effectively when Going through Moguls

Learning the art of skiing moguls can be a daunting task. Unlike flat terrain, skiing through moguls requires very strategic pole position as you navigate through these bumps in the snow. Once this task is mastered, skiing through moguls becomes an exciting new way to experience the thrill of the mountain.

Remember that it is the position of your ski poles that can make all the difference! The first thing to remember is to maintain control of your ski poles at all times. Don't let them fly around or you will quickly lose control! Plant each pole as you turn your body into the mogul. This should be firm enough to allow you to turn your body around as you ski. Remember that while these instructions are meant to help, listen to your ski instructor to learn better position for your ski poles.



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