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Who makes ski boots?


Each pair of Dalbello ski boots hails from Treviso Province, Italy. You may be in a pair of Dalbello's boots now and not even know it. Dalbello manufactures boots for other brands, and thus is the fifth largest ski boot maker. Their range of boot features includes liners pre-wired for battery-powered heat. Among the people you might hope to catch on the hill in a pair of Dalbellos, is extreme ski freak “granddaddy” Glen Plake.



10/17/2009 12:15:03 AM
DS skiier said:

This "tip" is just another worthless brand pitch - no help at all. delete it. In fact the whole "buying ski boots" section is really weak. "Buying Kid's Ski Equipment" offers far more useful tips. It may be that the most important tip in buying boots is to just go to a pro and try them on and try out "Demos".


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