Boot Fit-ness

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Do I need to worry about boot fit?

Boot Fit-ness

Your ski boots' fit matters! Avoid both the loose fit, and the painfully tight, to best avoid a lousy day. Find the best boot fitter in your area (or at your favorite resort), review all your options with the fitter, and sacrifice no affordable expense to achieve the best boot fit, personalized to your foot.

Don't forget that you can get great advice locally and still shop around for the best price on the ski boot brand you choose! Take the advice of your expert and buy online. You'll be sure to get the right brand and model and you are more likely to get a good price.



9/26/2007 3:49:48 PM
Backy said:

Get a tight fit around the ankle and make sure your heel is flat on the foot bed.If you havnt footbeds get them.Make sure there is some ajustment in your boot clips.You will need to tighten your boots after skiing awhile.When you walk in your boots undo the top clips.

3/8/2008 11:43:25 AM
Brad Tawzer said:

If people take this type of advice there won't be any boot fitter left. The local boot shop can't affort to stay open if everyone comes in for free help and then buys elswhere. That is the purpose of having a professional to help you.My 2c's

2/11/2009 9:05:19 AM
Kathy said:

Fit is of prime importance, but remember, if you don't buy from the professionals (you do pay for their service by buying the boots from them), they might not be able to survive another year. At least try for some sort of discount at the ski shop. Great service should be rewarded.


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