The Best way to Purchase Ski Boot Parts

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Where can I purchase ski boot parts?

The Best way to Purchase Ski Boot Parts

Purchasing ski boot parts is much easier than you may think. Most companies that sell ski boots also carry their parts. You may have more like finding the right parts on the internet, as there are many different types of ski boots and therefore a plethora of parts available for them.

Ski Boot Parts are reasonably priced compared to buying new ski boots. If the part is available online, you will most likely be able to get the part home and try it free of charge. If not, the nominal shipping charge is worth not going out and buy new boots when all they need is a small repair.



12/11/2006 6:48:31 PM
Leonard Moecklin said:

The most important thing in purchasing a pair of ski boots is the boot fitter. Buy your boots where you will be skiing. shop for the most experienced boot fitter, he will know which boot will fit your foot. Each boot is as different as the feet they fit. Get custom insoles as part of the sale. Take time to fit the boots properly. Your sking should improve in three days. Custom fitting ski boots for alignment and stance is as important as the boot itself. A square flat stance can be acheived by working together with a good boot fitter. I have skied in 40 + pairs of ski boots and I still like Tecnica's fit for my full sized foot. Lange boots work well for narrow foot with high arch.

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