Telemark skiing

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Telemark skiing

Telemark Skiing is a style of skiing known as “free heel skiing.” Telemark skis are different than Alpine Skis because they use a binding that only connects the boots to the ski at the toes, just like cross- country skis. Telemark skiing gets its name from the Telemark turns and a Telemark turn is a turn that is led with the heel flat on the outside ski (down hill ski) and the inside( uphill) ski is pulled under the skiers body while keeping a flexed knee and raised heel. The skis are kept staggered, not parallel, and the outside ski supports most of the skiers body weight.
Increasing the stagger of the ski means the skiers knees are bent more and the torso is closer to the snow.
An ideal Telemark turn is executed by the skier shifting his weight to the outside ski by a ratio of 50/50 up to 80/20, considering snow conditions ad the skier rests mostly on the toe half of each foot which has its boot heel in contact with the ski.



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