POwder Skis Tips

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POwder Skis Tips

Powder Skis are designed solely for skiing in deep snow Powder skis are wider than regular skis to allows the skier to “float” above the snow which makes skiing in deep snow much easier, safer, and more enjoyable. The extra width of powder skis make turning in deep snow easy and safe. Powder skis are also shorter than regular skis and this also makes turning in deep snow much easier.
If you hear someone use the term “under foot” when talking about powder skis this refers to the width of the ski. For example, a powder ski with 100mm under foot means the ski is 100 millimeters wide where the bindings are mounted to the ski. The width of a powder ski is not the only thing that separates it from a regular ski but it is the most important distinction. Speaking of measurements, if yu are at a ski website or ski store you will see three different numbers for the ski dimension. (“Dims”)These three numbers refer to the tip, the waist , and the tail of the ski. The bigger the difference there is between the tip and the waste numbers of the ski means a bigger hourglass figure and a ski with a smaller hourglass figure will have more float but will make turns more difficult out of the powder.



1/11/2012 4:30:53 PM
Tom said:

Powder skis are in fact longer than regular skis !!! Classic touring skis are shorter ...


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