Sharpen Your Ski Edges

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How do I know if I need to shapen my ski edges?

Sharpen Your Ski Edges

Let's face it. You've spent a lot of money for your skis, and you've also spent many good times together. Your skis have been good to you, and now it's your turn to return the favor. Where to start? On the edge. In order to carve a ski turn, your skis need to have sharp edges. Some skiers only skid their turns. While this can be due to poor technique or improper boot fit, it is often because of dull ski edges.

  • Start the edge sharpening process by making sure that your skis are warm and dry. Then, soak some Swix Fiberlene in a product called Citric Wax Remover. Use this mixture to remove dust and dirt from your bases.

  • The initial tuning of the side edges of your skis is done with a file. Begin by placing your ski in a vise. Keep the side edge turned up and the base turned away from you. You can keep your side edges sharp by honing them with a diamond stone on a daily basis.
  • To tune the base edges of your skis, they must be placed on a flat plane. If you are new to ski tuning, you might want to darken your edges with a felt tip pen before filing. Be careful. Do not file into the base material of your skis. A nice, shiny edge indicates that you have finished filing your base edges. Now, take your diamond stone and polish up those edges!



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