Ski Tuning Tools

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What can I use for waxing my skis while traveling?

Ski Tuning Tools

It's time to face the facts. If you are a frequent skier, your skis are going to need frequent tuning. When you take into consideration the fact that an in-shop tuning can cost between $15 and $50 dollars, the idea of buying your own tuning tools does not seem like a big expense.

Here is a list of the tools you will need to hand tune your own skis.

Base Bevel Guide
After the bases of your skis have been grounded to flat, the base bevel guide is used in conjunction with a file, in order to cut the base edge to the correct bevel. The base bevel guide can also be used with a diamond stone. This helps you deburr your base edge without altering the bevel angle of your skis.

Edge Bevel Guide
When you want to sharpen the edges of your skis, the edge bevel guide is used along with a file. Its purpose is to hold the file at the correct angle.

Files are used to cut the base bevel and sharpen your edges. A file card can be used to clean your file.

Spring Clamp
The function of the spring clamp is to secure the file onto the edge bevel guide.

Whetstones and Diamond Stones
Whetstones and diamond stones are used to deburr the bases and edges of your skis. A diamond stone can also be used to sharpen your edges.

Hydrocarbon Wax
Hydrocarbon wax is used to keep your skis healthy, smooth and slick.

Plastic Scraper
After you finish hot waxing your skis, use a plastic scraper to scrape away the excess wax.

Ptex Candle
When your bases have had too many up close and personal encounters with rocks, you can use a Ptex candle to fill in the gouges. When you have finished, use a steel scraper to wipe away the excess Ptex.

Emery File
After you finish sharpening your edges, polish them with emery paper to make them glisten.

Cork can be used to rub the wax into the bases. It is particularly handy when you do not have an iron.

In order to heat your ski wax, you can use either a regular iron or a special waxing iron.



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