Wax On/Wax Off

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Why is ski waxing important?

Wax On/Wax Off

Waxing involves the application of a lubricant to the bases of your skis, which in turn allows it to glide smoothly and gracefully along the surface of the snow. If you have trouble getting any speed, even if you are pointing your skis straight down the hill, it might be time for a wax job.

Professional ski waxing will require a waxing iron. Make sure that it is set at the appropriate temperature. If it is too hot, you might ruin the bases of your skis.

Start by using a base brush to get rid of any excess debris. Then, heat your iron to a low temperature, and apply an inexpensive layer of wax. This will clean the base of your skis. Be sure to use your plastic scraper to remove this wax before it cools, since you will be able to use it to clean out the rest of the debris that might have accumulated on your bases.

Next, you should apply a warm hydrocarbon base coat to the bases of the skis. For your final step, apply a thin smooth top coat of wax to your bases. Most experts advise the use of a nylon brush to smooth out the coat. However, if you are a ski racer, you might want to consider a more expensive horse hair brush.



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