Tuning Terminology: De-Tuning, De-Burring and Beveling

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I can't initiate a turn. Is something wrong with my skis?

Tuning Terminology: De-Tuning, De-Burring and Beveling

While you might be open to the idea of tuning your own skis, learning ski tuning terminology is often more confusing that learning a new language. For this reason, we have provided you with a glossary of ski tuning lingo.

Base Flattening
Base flattening involves the use of a scraper or a stone grinder. This is done in order to level the ski's bottom surface and remove any gouges. If your skis are not maintaining continuous, smooth contact with the snow, you may need to have your bases flattened.

Beveling refers to the angle from the base of the ski to the ski edge. When this angle is increased, it facilitates easier edge control upon the initiation of a turn. When it is decreased, it improves a skier's ability to grip the snow. Base edge bevel refers to the angle at the bottom of the ski's edge, whereas side edge bevel is the angle at the side of the ski's edge.

Burrs are those nasty little nicks or jagged sections on the ski's edges. They often happen because of a mischievous rock that was hiding under the snow. If you are having trouble initiating a turn, or if you can't seem to hold a straight line on a dreaded cat track, check your skis for burrs and get rid of them.

De-tuning is the process of dulling your skis edges at the tip and tail. Although some people find the concept of de-tuning counter-intuitive, it is actually performed as a means of reducing the ski's tendency to grab the snow in the middle of a turn. If you have a tendency to “catch an edge,” your skis may need a bit of de-tuning. For great tools to take care of your basic ski needs, visit Skis.com.



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