Ski Boot Buckler and Carriers

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Is there any device that I can use tot tighten my boots while I am on the slopes?

Ski Boot Buckler and Carriers

The ski boot buckler and carrier solve two significant problems: It helps you clamp down on your ski boot buckles, and it helps you carry two ski boots in one hand. The ski boot buckler can be used at the start of the day, when you are getting ready to ski. However, it has an even better use. Suppose you are about to start a bump run. As you know, that will require a stiffer boot. In many cases, it might be too cold to take off your gloves so that you can tighten your ski boot buckles. The ski boot buckle solves this problem. It is also a great device for children, whose hands are sometimes too weak to buckle their own ski boots. When used as a ski boot carrier, the ergonomically designed ski boot buckler, also known as the Ski Tool will fit comfortable into your hand.

If you would rather not carry your ski boots in your hand, there are other types of ski boot carriers available. Some manufacturers design a strap that can be attached to your boots, and swung over your shoulder. Of course, you can always stick the Velcro straps together to accomplish the same purpose. However, sometimes the Velcro wears off, and your boots fall off your shoulder!



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