Ski Boot Scraper

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How do I get rid of ice accumulations on my ski boots?

Ski Boot Scraper

Does this scenario sound familiar? It's a snowy day, and you are carrying your skis to the ski lift. You put your skis on the snow, and bang your boot against the binding to get rid of the snow that accumulated as you walked from the parking lot the lifts. You are sure that you've scraped off every bit of snow, until you try to get into your bindings. Nothing happens. You try this three more times. Your friends are getting impatient. When you pick up your foot to look at your boot, you discover that a huge piece of ice has made your boot sole its home. This calls for the ski boot scraper!

The ski boot scraper is a small, inexpensive plastic device that can fit in the pocket of your ski jacket. Not only is it convenient prior to riding the lifts, it comes in pretty handy when you snap out of your bindings after a fall, especially when you wipe out in deep powder. This device is also extremely useful for parents and children's ski school instructors. Many children are not aware of how much pressure needs to be exerted in order to remove a stubborn piece of ice from the bottom of the boot. Quite often, when the children can't snap into their bindings, they get frustrated and decide they don't want to ski. The ski boot scraper solves that problem.



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