Ski Boot Backpacks

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What is the most ergonomical way to carry my ski boots?

Ski Boot Backpacks

Anyone that has ever traveled to a ski area knows that a pair of ski boots can make your luggage heavy. Also, if you tend to travel by air, you might be hesitant to pack your boots into your checked luggage for fear of loss or late arrival. The ski boot backpack can solve some of these problems. However, there are a few factors that should be taken into consideration before purchasing a backpack that is designed to carry your ski boots.

Make sure that your boot bag is water resistant. It should be made of materials that have a minimum denier count of 600. Some experts suggest that your ski boot bag should have a rubberized bottom. This will make it much easier to clean. Also, if you happen to put the ski boot bag down on wet ground, the water will not seep through to the rest of the bag.

While it may be possible to stuff your ski boots into a regular large backpack, certain manufacturers design backpacks that offer a more ergonomic approach to carrying your ski boots. For example, Transpack has designed a ski boot bag with a unique Isosceles Storage System. It features two vented side pockets for your boots, as well as a central storage unit for your helmet and gear. The central compartment is coated with PVC, so you need not be concerned with moisture from the ski boot compartments seeping in and wetting your ski socks!



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