Custom Ski Boot Insoles

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Why do I need custom insoles for my ski boots?

Custom Ski Boot Insoles

True or false? If you spend a lot of money on a top-quality ski boot, custom insoles are a waste of money. If you answered “true," you were kidding, right? Off-the-shelf ski boots are actually hardened outer shells with soft cushion liners. Since this cushioning let's your feet move about the shell, it actually feels relatively comfortable. Unfortunately, this comfort comes with a hefty price tag: imprecision. So why is this a problem? Imprecise foot movements basically “confuse” your skis. It's sort of like those cell phone commercials that featured someone saying one thing and the recipient of the call hearing something completely different.

By stabilizing your feet within your skis, custom insoles add clarity to the messages you are trying to send to your skis, via your boots. It's like upgrading to a higher quality cell phone service. Prices for custom insoles can be as low as $45 to as high as $250. However, the old adage, “you get what you pay for,” applies. If you do decide to purchase custom insoles, you will need to find a professional boot fitter. You should also have a realistic assessment of your ski skills, which is sometimes easier said than done. If possible, take a ski lesson before you get insoles. Your instructor can tell you what type of adjustments will enhance your ski skills.



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