Boot Heaters

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I n need to travel with my boot heater, but don't want to add too much weight to my luggage. Suggestions?

Boot Heaters

If you were to type the words “ski boot heaters” into a search engine, your search results would yield an impressive multitude of pages. However, there are some boot heaters that are more suitable for folks who spend their entire day on the snow. These include ski instructors who need to wait for their students, as well as ski racers that may need to wait between runs.
These periods of inactivity can result in cold, uncomfortable feet.

Anyone who typically spends between three and eight hours on the slopes should consider specially designed electronic ski boot warmers. These battery-powered heaters are actually built into your footbeds. The Thermic Supermax Powerpack is an excellent example of this type of heater. This brilliant device attaches to the back of your ski boot with either the Powerstrap Mounting Adapters or with Ski Boot Cuff Mounting Adapters.

If your ski boots have pre-wired thermic footbeds, all you need to do is plug in the Supermax Powerpak, and you will be ready to ski and stay warm. If your ski boots do not come with this type of footbed, you will need to buy the Thermicsole heated insoles. This will replace your factory-installed footbeds. To use your Supermax Powerpak, simply charge the batteries overnight. The device comes with a Smart Charger, which provides overcharge protection. Staying warm has never been easier.



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Boot Heaters are great for mountaineers on snowy mountains, it keeps them warm and away from their foot to be frozen.


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