Ski Boot Dryers

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Are there any affordable and protable ski boot dryers?

Ski Boot Dryers

Nothing feels or smells worse than a cold, wet pair of ski boots. Fortunately there is a great invention known as a ski boot dryer. These devices come in a price range that will suit any budget.

If 6-10 hours seems like a long time, for slightly more money (about $60 to be exact), you can purchase the Hotronic Snapdry Boot Dryer. This interesting ski boot drying device can also be used to dry your gloves and mittens. It will dry your ski boots in 45 to 90 minutes. The Hotronic Snapdry Boot Dryer comes in dual voltages, so you can take it along on your ski trip to Chamonix.

When choosing boot dryers, make sure that the one you pick is suitable for ski boots. Some of the other boot dryers are too small to handle the weight of your boots. Even if these dryers are inexpensive, remember: a broken dryer is worthless.



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