Ski Racing Clothes

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What are ski racing suits made of?

Ski Racing Clothes

Whether you decide to take up ski racing as a hobby, or whether you aspire to become the next Olympic Gold medalist, you will need to purchase racing clothes that enhances your skills on the slopes. Take a look at what might be required.

Racing Suits
The Lycra one-piece ski suits that are worn by ski racers are not worn to show off their great bodies. These items are designed for warmth, freedom of movement and aerodynamic efficiency. These ski racing suits are usually padded, in order to provide protection in the unfortunate event of a fall. A thumb gripper keeps the ski racing suit from sliding up the arm, and a boot grip cuff can usually be found at the hem. This keeps the suit from sliding up the leg during the race. You will notice that these ski racing suits are made of “dye sublimated lycra.” This means that if the racer sweats, his or her skin will not turn the same color as the racing suit.

Body Armor

Sometimes, padded race clothing is not enough protection. For this reason, many ski racers wear body armor products such as knee pads and back protectors.

Racing Coach Jackets

Occasionally, you will see a man or woman on the race course wearing a long jacket. While this person might look a bit out of place, you'd best show some respect. This is the team's racing coach. Since the coach himself is not skiing, he requires something long enough and warm enough to keep him comfortable as he cheers you on.



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