Ski race Course Supplies

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What will I need tostart a race course at my local hill?

Ski race Course Supplies

If you are planning a ski racing event at your local hill, you will need specific supplies to set up your course. The equipment needed is determined by a number of factors, including: type of event, age of competitors, available racing staff and snow conditions.

In general, the starting area of your race course will need a rubber launch pad starting block, as well as a pair of dual-colored breakaway panels. The starting area should also have an obvious racing banner, which would discourage non-racing skiers and snowboarders from inadvertently entering the course. Additionally, the outside of the course should be defined by pole-supported nets. Other products include “Warning: Trail Closed” signs and specialized barrier tape. Of course, you will want an additional panel that would designate the roe-determined finish line of the ski race.

Your ski racers will require racing bibs and numbers, since most folks are not recognizable in racing gear. In order to mark the ski race course, be sure to purchase a set of bamboo poles. These usually come in packages of 50. Last but not least? You will of course need a set of medals for the winners.



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