Kids Skis

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What should I look for in a kid's ski?

Kids Skis

So your kids are finally old enough to start skiing. Choosing the right pair of skis will determine whether they love it or hate it. While you might be tempted to immediately buy them new equipment, make sure to have them take a few lessons, before you make the financial commitment. That said, keep in mind that while skis are a fun purchase, boots are actually the most important part of skiing, so be sure to buy them a good pair of ski boots.

Once your kids have said the magic words "Mommy and Daddy I love skiing,” you should determine their skill level, weight and height. In most cases, shorter skis will be easier for kids to control. Choose an all-mountain ski. Added side cut, powder or racing skis are unnecessary for child novices.

Keep in mind that most kids will require a fairly flexible ski. Hold the ski by its tip, and add pressure to the center. A flexible ski will bend under this pressure. Now check for camber by holding the bases of both skis together. The tips and tails should be touching, but there should be a space at the center of the ski.

While grownups (usually) realize that cool graphics are not the only important factor to be considered when selecting a ski, keep in mind that kids are extremely visual. By all means, don't choose a ski entirely because of its graphics. On the other hand, if choosing between two similar skis, and your child has a preference for the graphics on one of them, it's probably best to go with that ski.



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