Telemark Skis

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I'm a novice telemark skier. What length should I choose?

Telemark Skis

Free your heels, then free your mind. That's the credo of many Telemark skiers. Often called “free-heel skiing,” telemarkers use skis that are somewhat similar to those designed for cross-country, in that they are attached at the toes and not at the heels.

Both lift-serviced terrain and the backcountry serve as “playgrounds” for Telemark skiers. While sizing of Telemark skis might vary from brand to brand, in general, novices should choose Telemark skis that measure at chin height, intermediates at nose height and experts at forehead height.

In most cases, narrower Telemark skis are somewhat longer than their thicker brothers and sisters. Novice Telemark skiers that generally ski at a slower pace will prefer a shorter length, while speed demons and “air catchers” should probably go longer. Also, like any other alpine ski, softer Telemark skis will do better in deep powder, while stiffer Telemark skis have better carving ability on groomed snow.

Like their alpine counterparts, telemarking powder-hounds will also want to look for a wider Telemark ski. However, they also have an added benefit: When you are skiing hard packed or groomed snow, these thicker skis will enable your Telemark bindings to clear the snow when you put the skis on edge. Check out the extensive selection of Telemark Skis, including the G3 Telemark ski line, at



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