Ski Boards/Snow Blades

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What's the difference between skiboards and snowblades?

Ski Boards/Snow Blades

Question: What piece of snow-sliding equipment measures half the length and double the width of a traditional alpine ski? Need a hint? (It also has twin tips). If you answered ski boards, you get a gold star.

Measuring lengthwise between 80 and 120 centimeters, ski boards are the perfect “snow toy” for anyone that can't decide whether they want to ski, snowboard or skate. In a sense, ski boards are like the “mini me” of alpine skis. They are shorter, a bit chubbier and can get into lots of mischief and get away with it. Feel like skiing backwards? No worries. These babies will make you look like a freeriding pro! Go ahead. Try a 360. They can handle it.

Ski boards also love to play in the park and pipe. Their small size makes them a whiz in the bumps. They are also perfect for anyone who has trouble learning to carve. If you try to skid your turns, they will get very angry. Beware: Most ski boards do not have releasable bindings. However, some companies, such as the French company Salomon, are now manufacturing ski boards that are similar to the releasable bindings of alpine skis. Lest you become confused, Salomon calls their boards, “snowblades.” Salomon's bindings are like regular alpine bindings.

When considering ski board length, think about how you want to use them. In general, shorter boards are preferred by tricksters, whereas slightly longer ski boards help improve carving skills. Play safe and have fun!



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