Skiing Gear and Face Masks

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if it's still cold even with a helmet, What should I do?

Skiing Gear and Face Masks

While most ski helmets are guaranteed to keep your head warm, sometimes, in exceptionally cold weather, you might need a bit of extra warmth. Fortunately, manufacturers of ski wear are aware of this, and have developed various types of head gear that is designed to fit under your ski helmet. These products are also popular with cross country skiers, who, in most cases, do not wear ski helmets.

While most helmet liners, ski masks, etc. are supposedly designed to fit under your ski helmet, you should never take this for granted. While they are supposed to fit, this does not always happen. It's best to bring your ski helmet when you go to try on any of these products. For example, while a balaclava may fit under your helmet, a balaclava with a thick fleece neck gaiter mike make you feel as if you are being chocked by your helmet straps. Thus, in some cases, you might need a skull cap helmet liner with a separate neck gaiter.

Tube-shaped neck gaiters are usually made from fleece. They are perfect for keeping your neck warm on cold days. If you have trouble breathing extremely cold air, you might want to consider a face mask. The best ones are made from neoprene, and have holes for ventilation. If you have very serious trouble breathing cold air, you might want to consider a Psolar.Ex face mask, which comes with a heat exchange device that is designed to warm inhaled air. The Psolar Company also makes a HX Helmet Balaclava, which also has the air warming device. Keep in mind that although most skiers claim that these products really work, they do look rather strange. Then again, if they keep you warm, who cares?



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