Ski Helmet Accessories

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My head gets very warm. What kind of helmet do I need?

Ski Helmet Accessories

As if choosing a ski helmet was not complicated enough, many helmet manufacturers will tempt you with a variety of helmet add-ons, upgrades and accessories. Venting units are perhaps the most popular of these upgrades.

Let's say that you like to ski in Colorado, where the state motto is “If you don't like the weather, wait a minute.” You might start your ski day in sub-zero temperatures. Then, by midday, the temperature soars to 40 degrees. At this point, your head begins to sweat. There are two ways to let the cool air in and let the hot air, so to speak, out. The first is to choose a ski helmet that comes with a removable venting plug. However, this will involve removing your helmet. A more desirable option is to choose a ski helmet that has an adjustable vent, which operates by way of a lever. This allows you to find a comfortable level of air flow, without having to remove your ski helmet. Another interesting ski helmet option is the detachable ear pad. These provide extra warmth on cold days. However, they can be removed and washed as needed. Finally, if you are a frequent long distance traveler to ski areas, you might want to consider a ski helmet case. After all, your helmet protects you from getting knocked around on the slopes. Shouldn't you protect it from getting knocked around on the plane?



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