Helmet Styles

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What is the best type of helmet for skiing trees?

Helmet Styles

The process of choosing a helmet is similar to choosing skis or a pair of ski boots. Your choice will depend on how and where you ski. For example, a full shell helmet will provide you with complete head coverage. It will also protect your head from wind, precipitation and other elements that you are likely to encounter on the slopes.

Some of these full shell helmets are designed with venting, which helps regulate temperature. Vented helmets also do a better job at letting you hear what your ski buddies are saying. If your friend is shouting, "Don't go that way!", you are more likely to hear what they are saying if you are wearing a vented helmet. Although helmets are recommended if you ski trees, spend time in the half pipe or if you ski at high speeds, even more conservative skiers can benefit from a full helmet. Keep in mind that not only do they prevent injury. Full helmets are the best way to keep your head warm on the slopes.

If for some reason you are not comfortable with a full helmet, you might consider a short shell model. These helmets offer comparable protection to full shell styles. However, they give less coverage and have a less constrictive fit. Many short shell helmets come with venting and removable liners

Competition or racing helmets are characterized by their densely padded liners and molded open ear zones inside the shell. The helmets that are designed for speed and slalom events feature jaw pieces. While these “bells and whistles” are not necessary for recreational skiers, they come highly recommended for ski racers involved in any form of serious downhill competition.



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