Women's Ski Boots

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What type of boot should I look for if I ski backcountry?

Women's Ski Boots

In most cases, women should always look at female specific, as opposed to unisex ski boots. In general, the tops of most women's ski boots end lower on your leg in order to accommodate the typical woman's lower, larger calf musculature. To compensate for women's lighter weight, women's ski boots are composed of softer materials. To help the female skier stay forward on her skis, many women's boots include a plastic reinforcement known as a rear spoiler. Some women's ski boots are designed with added "ramp angle," which places the heel in a higher position than the toes. Also, most women's boots are designed with an added heel lift, to increase the pressure on the tip of the skis which will make the ski turn easier.

Your skill level, the type of terrain that you ski, and the type of skiing you enjoy should influence your ski boot choice. For example, a novice female skier will want a boot with a soft flex. However, as she gains skill, she will require a stiffer boot to support her in more advanced terrain.

Unless you are a ski racer, one pair of ski boots will accommodate most conditions. In general, ladies that play in the park prefer a boot that offers enhanced impact absorption for landings. These boots also have a more forgiving cuff , which allows park divas to land with grace, and ski backwards as if it was the most natural thing in the world. For more specific information on different models, check out vendor catalogs at Skis.com.



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