The K2 T9 Series

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I am a new skier. Which K2 should I get?

The K2 T9 Series

While many manufacturers now make a female-specific ski, few have done more for the concept of women's ski design than K2. The K2 T9 line of skis was named after Title Nine, the law that required schools to give girls equal opportunities in school athletics. When the T9 skis first came on the market, the reviews were incredible. Even the women who took offense at the girly graphics had to admit that the skis themselves were rather amazing. Some of the skis were so popular that male skiers would paint the top sheet so they could enjoy them without ridicule.

The K2 T9 Series features skis for every skill level. New skiers are welcomed to the hill by the K2 First Luv, agile and flexible skis that turn easily and promote confidence. Once you've developed some skills, the K2 True Luv, with its 72 mm waist, allows you to occasionally ski on ungroomed snow.

Next in line is the Burnin' Luv. When this ski first came on the market, it was a frequent sell-out in ski shops across the country. These skis are magical, in the true sense of the word. Even the most timid female skier will feel confident at high speeds. However, it is less than ideal in bumps and powder. For that type of terrain, the Lotta' Luv, with its 78mm waist, is a better choice. When female skiers gain their entrance to the "powder room," they often develop a fondness for the Phat Luv. Its 102 mm waist makes it the perfect powder ski.



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