How To Choose a Ski Jacket

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What qualities should I look for in a ski jacket?

How To Choose a Ski Jacket

The ski jacket is the outermost layer of the three-layer system. It should be designed to protect your body from the elements. As such,
it is important that ski jackets are composed of waterproof, windproof and breathable materials. Additionally, the seams of the jacket should be sealed with tape, and the zippers should be covered. Make sure that the inner layers of the jacket are also designed to absorb water.

Breathability is another important factor that should be considered when choosing a ski jacket. In order to release the moisture, the
jacket should be able to breathe through the fabric itself. However, making a ski jacket that is both waterproof as well as breathable can be quite a task. Fortunately, ski jacket manufacturers have responded to the challenge by creating breathable membranes that are attached to the supporting, waterproof fabric of the jacket.

Others design jackets have zippers under the armpits, which can be opened to create ventilation. Make sure that your jacket
has an ample amount of pockets to hold money, hand warmers, etc. Some ski jackets come with an internal pocket, which is an excellent way to protect your valuables. If you ski in extremely cold areas, you might want to choose a jacket that has a hood that is large enough to cover your ski helmet.



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