How to Choose Ski Socks

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Do I need ski sock liners?

How to Choose Ski Socks

Much to the dismay of boot fitters, ski shop employees and ski instructors, most novice skiers will repeatedly choose the wrong type of ski socks. Of course, these poor choices are completely understandable. Buying ski socks is probably the most counter-intuitive part of buying ski clothes. To see if you are on the right track, answer this question: When selecting ski socks, do you choose the heaviest material possible, and include a sock liner? Isn't that the way to do it?

Not really. Many people think that since you are layering clothing for the rest of your body, you need to do the same for your feet. While this logic is correct, they are forgetting one simple point: Your ski boots are already lined with an insulating layer. If you choose a sock liner, and then add a heavy sock, you are creating two extra heavy layers of insulation, which will in turn cause your feet to sweat, in some case profusely. When your feet sweat, they get wet, and when they get wet, they get cold. The solution is to choose the lightest material of calf length ski socks that you can find. Keep in mind that while some people have cold feet due to circulatory issues, many cold feet problems are due to improper boot fit or improper technique. For example, if you clench your toes while skiing, you will be cutting off the circulation in your feet. Feet that lack circulation have a hard time staying warm. Check out the extensive selection of Smartwool, Fox River, and Hot Chillys socks at

One final thought: Size matters. Ski socks that bunch up will cause improper boot fit.



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