How to Buy Ski Gloves

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Why should a skier buy ski gloves as opposed to snowboard gloves?

How to Buy Ski Gloves

Most people will agree that cold hands can ruin a great day at the slopes. However, quite often, people will spend exorbitant amounts of money on their ski equipment and ski clothes, but then go to a discount store for a cheap pair of gloves. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when buying ski gloves. First of all, they should of course be warm enough to withstand even sub-zero temperatures. They should also be made of a waterproof fabric. Additionally, they should be flexible enough to allow you to comfortably hold your ski poles. This is why it is advisable for skiers to choose ski gloves, as opposed to snowboard gloves.

Always make sure that your gloves taper toward the wrists. This will keep the heat from escaping from your body. For added grip support, look for gloves that are designed with a synthetically reinforced abrasion-resistant palm. The ideal pair of ski gloves also act as a moisture wicking thermal lining that will keep your hands dry, should they begin to sweat. If you tend to have really cold hands, consider mittens or leather palm.



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