How to Choose Ski Pants

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What qualities should I look for in a pair of ski pants?

How to Choose Ski Pants

If you are new to skiing, you should keep in mind that you do need ski-specific pants. Whatever you do, do not show up at a ski slope in a pair of jeans! They soak up moisture, and you'll be cold and uncomfortable. Ski pants are designed to keep you warm, comfortable and dry.
You should look for pants that are made with a two-layer construction. The inside layer of ski pants is responsible for insulation. However, it should be composed of a soft and breathable fabric. Since the outer layer comes in direct contact with the environment, it should be composed of a fabric that is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Also, while in the boot ski pants might look good, they will do little to keep the snow out of your boots.

Some ski pants come with suspenders. These help the ski pants stay up, so that you don't have a gap between your pants and your back. However, for ladies, this involves taking your ski jacket off when you go to the restroom. At some resorts, this can be a cold proposition. While number of pockets is a personal preference, keep in mind that it is best to distribute items equally between your pants and your jacket. Some ski pants actually have an extra pocket located in the leg of the pant.



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