K2 Ski technology

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Why are the new Apaches called the Apache Coomba?

K2 Ski technology

K2 Skis MOD Technology synergizes an elastomeric secondary core that functions as a high-performance suspension system with a mass damper that provides ease, power and forgiveness.

The amount, application and distribution of mass are the keys factors attributed to the success of MOD Technology. While the technology neutralizes unwanted vibrations, unlike other dampening technologies, it has no effect on the flex of the ski. K2 also uses Titan Metal Laminate, which is an extension of the standard metal laminate. This technology results in swing weight reduction by removing material from the top layer of titanium in the tip and tail. This reduced swing weight gives the skier more control with far less fatigue.

K2 MOD Technology is used in the 2008 Apache Coomba Ski, which was designed as a memorial to the late Doug Coombs. Prior to his death, Coombs had been involved with the design of this ski. The Apache Coomba's 102mm waist provides superb flotation, even in deep powder. A favorite with heli skiers, backcountry skiers and powder lovers, the ski is a fitting tribute to one of skiing's most admired heroes. A percentage of the proceeds from sales go to Doug's wife Emily and their three year old son David.



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