Head Ski Technology

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Which famous ski racer works with the Head design team?

Head Ski Technology

With Bode Miller on their technical design team, Head Skis are noted for their energy, stability and speed. Their light and agile pipe and park skis use a technology called AIRCOAT, which involves putting air in the fiberglass that surrounds the ski. This technology is also used in the aerospace industry. It is used in Head's Mojos, Monsters and Xenons. The Liquidmetal technology used in Head skis provides elasticity and rebound. However, the brilliance of these skis lies in the Head Intelligence Technology, which was first used in the technology that was developed for helicopter rotor blades. Here's how it works.

Head Skis feature a technology known as Intellifibers. They are placed at 45 degrees in front of the ski binding. According to the Head website, these Intellifibers " transform mechanical impulses into electrical energy." For example, a stronger skier will produce more electrical energy, which will in turn cause the ski to stiffen up. This torsional stiffness of the ski serves to push the skis edges into the snow, thereby providing stability at high speeds. Some Head Skis have what is called Intelligence Chip Technology. With these skis, the electrical energy produced by the Intellifibers is accumulated and gradually released through a pre-programmed chip that is timed to match the oscillation properties of the ski.



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