Ski Watches and Cameras

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I want to take video on the slopes but don't like the weight of a digital camera. any suggestions?

Ski Watches and Cameras

You are on the slopes, and you have a few questions you'd like answered. The first one is simple. What time is it? But even more important, what's the altitude? How much vertical have I covered? Is it my imagination, or was that a really steep pitch? How fast did I ski that slope? Am I better than Bodie? I'm lost. Which way is East?

Enter the Suunto S6 Ski Chronograph. This watch has an intriguing menu of features, such as an altimeter, barometer, compass, and a weather alarm and interval timer. It comes with sophisticated software, which allows you to analyze your runs over a variety of factors such as maximum speeds, degree of slope and vertical drop. You can even share statistics online to help define performance goals for your next trip.

Perhaps, on your next trip, you might even make a video of your improved performance. But then again, you really don't want to drag your heavy camera on to the slopes. Enter the Go Pro Digital Wrist Camera. Appropriately called the Digital Hero, this waterproof, watch-sized camera allows you to shoot 3 mega pixel photos. Even better, it lets you shoot up to 54 minutes of TV resolution video. Weighing 4.5 ounces, this affordable digital camera is easy on both your wrist and wallet.



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