Walk EZ

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What is the purpose of the Walk EZ Revolution?

Walk EZ

Here is a typical scenario. You just had an awesome day on the slopes. After skiing the bumps the bowls and the steeps, you're totally stoked. All is well, until you walk across the parking lot and slip on the ice. Don't you hate it when that happens? It need not happen again, if you purchase the Walk-EZ Revolutions ski boot attachment.

It comes with a thick, semi-flexible layer of rubber that provides traction on any type of surface, as well as a convenient combination lock that can be attached to any ski rack. The curved shape enhances posture, alignment and balance. Their benefits go beyond safety. These products protect the bottom of your ski boots from wear and tear. The company has also designed “Mini Revolutions,” especially for kids.

Walk EZ Revolutions are a significant improvement over cat tracks, which tend to fall off your boot at the worst possible moment. In fact, this product is so popular that it has received endorsements from Olympic Champions such as Donna Weinbrecht, Ted Ligety, Tommy Moe and

Picabo Street

David R. Sellers, president of Walk EZ International has also created the Walk EZ Ski Shuttle. This fold –up ski tote device comes equipped with slim wheels that allow you to push your skis and poles through the snow. It even has a lock that attaches to the ski racks. Your shoulders will thank you.



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