Boot Backpacks and Wheeled Luggage

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What are the advantages of a boot backback?

Boot Backpacks and Wheeled Luggage

One of the most wonderful things about becoming a skier is that it gives you the opportunity to explore all parts of the globe while staying active and athletic. Unfortunately, for many people, the prospect of lugging ski equipment through an airport puts a damper on their enthusiasm. Fortunately modern technology and design methods have created ski luggage that can make air travel a bit more comfortable for skiers.

For example, wheeled ski bags can eliminate the cockeyed shoulder condition that comes from carrying heavy skis on one side of the body. When choosing a wheeled ski bag, look for large, high-quality inline skate wheels. In general, swivel-action wheel will enhance the ski bag's maneuverability. Substantial wheel housings should be mounted on the bag's interior, and well-designed ball bearings will allow the bag to roll smoothly over a variety of surfaces.

If you are choosing a wheeled duffel bag for your ski clothes, the same principles will apply. Some of these even come with compartments for your ski boots. This is a very convenient way to carry your clothing and your boots. Caveat: If the airline loses your bag, you will be without your ski boots. If you could not, in your wild imagination consider using rental boots, you might be better served by buying a boot backpack. Look for packs with padded shoulder straps and adequate ventilation.



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