Top Manufacturers of Kids Skis

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How long should skis be for my three year old?

Top Manufacturers of Kids Skis

While most ski manufacturers feature some sort of ski for kids, some are significantly more popular than others. Once you are certain that your child enjoys (and will stay committed to) skiing, your best bet is to demo a few models prior to buying. If you still have doubts about your child's commitment, some ski shops offer a leasing option, with an option to buy at the end of the season.

As far as ski sizing is concerned, most experts agree that children's skis should reach your child's chin. In general. you will find that the skis that are designed for three to five year olds will have less shape and sidecut than the skis designed for older children. This is because it takes a minimum of 45 pounds to effectively flex a shaped ski.

You should resist the temptation to buy children's skis that are too long. They will cause your kids to develop bad habits. The following manufacturers of kids skis receive consistently good reviews.

Dynastar: Dynastar skis are famous for their versatility. For two or three year olds, consider My First Dynastar. These are sized at 67 to 80 cm. They come in both girls and boys models. For older kids, there's the Dynastar Starlett for girls and Dynastar Team Cruise for boys. Sizes range from 90 to 150cm.

K2: Little girls adore the K2 Luv Bug. This ski has less side cut and a wider footprint than traditional adult skis, as such, it provides a stable ride, which in turn builds confidence. When your girl gets older, and wants to play in the park, she will love the twin tipped K2 Missy. Don't worry. K2 has not forgotten about the boys. The K2 Juvy twintips are designed for boys that want to show off their park tricks.



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