How to Fit a Kids Helmet

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Why is a helmet important for my child?

How to Fit a Kids Helmet

By now, most skiers and snowboarders are well aware of the safety benefits of wearing a ski helmet. Not only do they keep the head safe, on cold days they provide more warmth than even the warmest hat. However, an ill-fitting helmet is the equivalent of not wearing any helmet at all. Here are some important guidelines to follow when fitting a kid's ski helmet.

  1. Measure it: Start by wrapping a measuring tape around your child's head. The helmet should overlap the tape.
  2. Try it On: First, align the rim of the helmet with your child's eyebrows. While holding the straps on both sides, roll the helmet to the back of your kid's head.
  3. Watch the Gaps: You will want to make sure that the pads of the helmet are flush against your child's cheeks and forehead. Make certain that the back of the helmet is not touching his or her neck.
  4. Give it a Roll: Have your child roll his or head as if they were trying to dislodge the helmet. The helmet should stay on if the fit is correct.
  5. Goggle test: Make sure that your child's goggles fit with the helmet. There should be no gap between the top of the goggles and the rim of the helmet.
  6. Let it Breathe: Many helmets now come with a ventilation system. This prevents overheating.
If you child is reluctant to wear a helmet, consider some of the helmet cover designed by Helmet Headz.
They come in various styles, including animals and princesses, and have an added benefit: It's impossible to miss your kids if they are wearing one of these helmet covers.



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