How To Buy Kids Ski Boots

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How do I determine the correct shell fit for my kid's ski boots?

How To Buy Kids Ski Boots

Buying kid's ski boots is an exercise in patience, perseverance and parenting skills. In many cases, your kid might get bored and tell you that the boot feels great, just because he or she wants to get out of the store. Other kids expect the boots to feel as comfortable as their bedroom slippers, and as experienced skiers know, that's just not going to happen.

Thus, you should be prepared with the following information about how to buy kids ski boots.

1. You child's feet should be sized properly, so check out the online sizing guide at Regular shoe size does not translate directly into ski boot size.
2. If your child is still in the growth stage, allow about half of a size for eventual growth. Don't go more than half a size. Boots that are too big will not give proper support. They can also cause painful blisters.
3. To determine proper fit, remove the inner boot lining. You should be able to insert two fingers between your child's heel and the boot shell. More than two fingers is too big. Less than two fingers will not allow enough room for growth.
4. Can your child flex the boot with a bent knee? The knee should be able to flex over the toe. Are there any uncomfortable spots?



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