How to Choose Cross Country Touring Skis

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For whom is a touring ski designed?

How to Choose Cross Country Touring Skis

Do you ski on groomed tracks and moderate terrain? If so, you should consider a general touring ski, which is designed for the forward kick and glide technique that is characteristic of classic cross country skiing.

While touring cross country skis are heavier than skate skis, they are not quite as heavy as backcountry skis. Keep in mind that in recent years, due to modern technology, cross country skis are getting shorter, though the length of your ski is actually determined by your weight. Each manufacturer has its own weight-related length requirement. Additionally, skill and preferred terrain are taken into account.

You also need to consider the width of your cross country skis. In general, groomed track skiing requires a narrow ski, whereas off track skiing in softer, deeper snow is better served by wider cross country skis. While narrow skis promote faster gliding speeds, wider skis provide more flotation and better balance in variable snow conditions.
If you ski in tracks, make sure that the widest part of your ski does not exceed 62mm, or it will not fit in the tracks.

The sidecut of your cross country skis should also be taken into consideration. Sidecut refers to the curves formed by the widths of the waist, tip and tail. The bigger the difference between these numbers, the greater the sidecut. A larger sidecut increases the cross country ski's carving ability. While this is less important if you ski on groomed tracks, carving ability is crucial for tree skiing on varied terrain.



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