DIN Settings

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What is the purpose of the DIN setting?

DIN Settings

DIN settings are the most important safety element of ski bindings. "DIN" stands for Deutsche Industrie Normen, which is the German industrial organization responsible for setting the standards for binding release tensions. These settings are determined by your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Boot length and type
  • Skill level
  • Aggressiveness
In general, beginners are advised to use a lower DIN setting. In the event of a fall, the binding will release, and thus prevent injury. Expert skiers need a higher DIN setting, so that the vibrations caused by high speeds in steep terrain do not allow the bindings to pre-release. The average DIN settings for each ability level are as follows:

Beginner — 3 to 6
Intermediate — 5 to 9
Advanced — 6 to 12
Racer — up to 24

Most recreational skiers are advised to lower their DIN settings after they reach the age of 50.



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