Ski Pole Length

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Why is ski pole length important?

Ski Pole Length

Since the length of your ski pole will determine your ski stance, choosing the correct length is crucial to good technique. If your poles are too short, you will be leaning too far forward. If they are too long, you might end up in the backseat. Here's how to determine the best length:

1.Stand up straight with your arms at your sides.
2.Turn the pole upside down and hold the pointed end, directly underneath the basket.
3.With the grip touching the floor, your forearm must stay parallel to the ground. If you need to lift or lower your arm, the pole is the wrong length for you.

Keep in mind that a pole that is too long can be cut down. However, there is nothing that can be done for a pole that is too short, so be sure to choose wisely.



12/1/2008 3:40:33 PM
JKBERG said:

You need to explain whether this measurement is done when wearing ski boots, barefoot . . .?


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