The Grip Handle of the Ski Pole

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What is a grip handle?

The Grip Handle of the Ski Pole

A ski pole's grip handle is located at the top of the shaft. It serves as a handgrip with indentations for your fingers. You will notice that the grip has a strap, which can be adjusted to fit your hand. To avoid wrist and thumb injuries, the strap should be tight enough to support the heel of your hand. For proper fit, make sure to wear gloves when trying out the grip of the ski pole.

A grip handle can either be made of plastic or rubber. The plastic grip handle is a more recent development. It is a one-piece grip that has an elliptical plastic loop sticking out on one side. It was created to prevent the thumb injuries that resulted from skiers being unable to let go of the ski pole during a fall. Women, whose hands tend to be smaller, often require a smaller grip handle. In recent years, K2 and other manufacturers have designed a line of women's ski poles featuring grip handles that will fit a woman's hands.



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