Ski Poles

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Why are ski poles important?

Ski Poles

Ski poles are an essential part of your ski equipment. For beginner and intermediate level skiers, ski poles are a great tool to feel more comfortable and balanced on your skis. For advanced and expert skiers, poles allow for more aggressive skiing, provided the selection of the right ski poles has been made.

Ski poles range from as low as $29 to as high as $200, depending on materials and construction. Poles made out of composite materials are more expensive, lighter and have a better swingweight. These days it's possible to find women's ski poles, kid's ski poles, freeride ski poles, racing poles, etc. Be sure to choose ski poles that are suitable for your skill level and height.

To choose the right height pole, turn it upside down place your hand under the basket so your arm is on a 90 degree angle.

As an additional note for children or first time skiers, it is often recommended to learn the basics of skiing without the use of ski poles. This technique will help with balance, turning, and stopping without the reliance of ski poles.



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