Saving Money on Ski Clothing and Gear

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How Can I save money on ski clothing and ski gear?

Saving Money on Ski Clothing and Gear

Although ski gear and ski clothing might be rather expensive, there are ways to afford them without taking a second mortgage on your home. When it comes to finding bargains for ski gear and ski clothing, there are two major factors that should be taken into consideration: where to buy and when to buy.

In most cases, the Internet is the best place to find bargains on ski clothes and ski gear. For clothing, Sierra Trading Post is probably one of the best sites on the Internet for clothing, and sometimes gear bargains. If you have Google email account (G-Mail), you can arrange for Google Checkout. Doing this might give you an extra $10 or $20 off of your order.

If you would rather shop in person than online, there are still ways to purchase affordable ski clothing and gear. For example, at the end of every season, many ski shops will sell their demo skis. If you have no objection to buying used gear; you can find high-end equipment at affordable prices. You might also consider looking into the gear swaps that usually happen in the fall. This is a good idea if you are outgrowing your skis and want to trade them in for a more advanced model.

Some ski towns actually have consignment shops where you can find ski clothing, and sometimes ski gear, at extremely low prices. For example, in Frisco, Colorado, you can find Rags To Riches and the Funky Trunk , which specialize in clothing, and Recycle Ski and Sport , which specializes in clothing and gear. Anyone who is "in the know" about ski clothing and gear realizes that it is rarely necessary to pay full price.



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