Skiing Steep Powder

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How do I ski steep powder?

Skiing Steep Powder

Steep and deep powder can terrify or delight. Try these measures for delight:

  • Keep your skis shoulder-width apart.
  • Weight your skis as evenly as possible. (The object is to float in the powder, and not to use your edges.)
  • Point your torso always downhill, and make aggressive, down-the-hill pole plants.
  • Turn with your lower body, and turn across the slope enough to scrub any unwanted speed.
  • And if you have the dough (and the life insurance), train at a Doug Coombs camp.



8/7/2007 6:52:10 AM
mikeski@skivisions said:

keeping skis closer togerther than on piste increases the active surface area to give more floation. shoulder width skis will bring about independant ski weighting with the possibility of one ski sinking if this happens you will be lucky to syay on your feet.


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