Types of Ski Wax Brushes

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What type of ski wax brush should I use?

Types of Ski Wax Brushes

Skiers who wax their own skis are always looking for more efficient ways to apply their ski wax and get the job done. A great way to help the process go quickly without losing effectiveness is by using a ski wax brush. A ski wax brush is a handheld, stiff-haired brush that can help you strip off old ski wax as well as applies a fresh layer. There are several types of ski wax brushes and here are a few to take a look at.

First, a nylon ski wax brush is a good option. These are typically the lowest-priced brushes for ski wax removal and application. The nylon hairs will ensure a long life from your brush through several re-waxings. Another popular model of ski wax brush is a horse-hair brush. Horse hair is a natural alternative to the nylon brush that has all of the sturdiness. Horse hair makes for bristles that are stiff and will hold up under extreme conditions. The costs of a horse hair ski wax brush will be slightly higher, but the quality won't let you down.

For more information on ski wax brushes, you can check out popular ski magazines and websites. You can find plenty of opinions on different types of wax brushes, but the best bet is to try them out for yourself. You will find the grip and bristle type that fits with your comfort and needs.



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