Everyone Can Benefit from a Ski Helmet

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Who Needs a Ski Helmet

Everyone Can Benefit from a Ski Helmet

When my family used to adventure to the mountain, only us kids would be equipped with ski helmets. I guess my parents thought their heads were harder than ours or something, but all that covered their most precious body part was a thin hat. Today, many families have learned, often through pain, that everyone should be wearing ski helmets when embarking down a mountain.

Unfortunately, all skiers must realize that no matter how careful the may be, skiing has inherent dangers that a skier must prepare and try to minimize if possible. Simply by wearing ski helmets, the risk of serious brain injury is significantly less. Now that I am growing my family, we will all embark down the mountain with our heads safe and secure in a ski helmet. It won't take a tragedy to teach US to stay safe.



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